Tee It Forward

To help golfers have more fun on the course and enhance their overall experience by playing from a set of tees best suited to their abilities, the PGA of America and the United States Golf Association have partnered to support “TEE IT FORWARD,” a new national initiative.

TEE IT FORWARD encourages all golfers to play the course at a length that is aligned with their average driving distance. Golfers can speed up play by utilizing tees that provide the greatest playability and enjoyment.

If you want to have more fun on the golf course and maybe play a little faster, TEE IT FORWARD may be just the game for you. TEE IT FORWARD can help you play from tees best suited to your game, based on how far you hit the ball.

Driver Distance

Recommended 18-Hole Yardages

















This chart above is to be used as a guideline to help golfers potentially align their average driving distance with a course length that is best suited for his/her abilities.